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ABC Coaching in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 8HJ, UK

For face to face coaching in Hebden Bridge – at 27, HX7 8HJ – or via the telephone system.

For guidance, support and learning about how to resolve your current problems and issues to do with your personal and professional goals in life.


Updated on 21st February 2022

Profile 1, 2022Hello, and welcome to my coaching service, based in Hebden Bridge, and serving West Yorkshire; but also helping English-speakers everywhere via the telephone system.

My name is Renata Taylor-Byrne, and I have more than ten years’ experience of providing psychological and philosophical coaching, plus lifestyle coaching (including help and support with diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, and meditation).

I have an honours degree in psychology; certificates in coaching and counselling; and decades of experience of coaching and mentoring adults in an adult college environment.

If you are struggling with stress; insomnia; self-confidence; tension-related emotional or physical problems; communication skills in relationships at home or in work; or any form of practical problem-solving, including career issues; then I can help you.

My approach includes a mixture of coaching and counselling strategies and models; psychological theories; and research results from years of researching and writing on the key subjects with which I offer help.


Call me today to set up an appointment:

– 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK)

– 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK).

Or email me at renata@abc-coaching.org.


Start changing your life today

I like this quotation very much:

“Every day is a new life to a wise person”.

Profile 1, 2022Does this idea encourage you to see the possibility of creating a happier life for yourself? I know it can begin to turn lives around!

As you observe this current New Year opening up in front of you, this is an ideal time to start the process of bringing about life changes that you really desire.

Do you have any changes you want to make? Identifying what you want to change is the start of a new life for you, because once you start to think about how you want to shape a different life for yourself, you start a learning process within yourself.

It’s a wakeup call for you – a chance to live your life consciously; to learn different skills; to strengthen your body and mind so you have more energy; and to achieve some of those precious goals you had when you were younger; or to develop new ones. And to enjoy life more.        

As you reshape your life, step by step, you will experience growing self-confidence and a warm glow of achievement, which no-one can take away from you!

And as a lifestyle coach, my vocation is to enable you to achieve your goals, and also to show you there are ways in which your lifestyle helps you, and ways it doesn’t. Unhelpful lifestyle choices will undoubtedly hinder your progress in life; and ultimately could undermine your health and happiness.

Profile 1, 2022As a professional coach, I have researched key areas that can block your attainment of your goals, and reduce your life satisfaction. Here are some examples:

# How you handle the stressful events of your life. (Stress management is a neglected art!)

# The state of your sleep pattern. (Does it support you, or are you cheating yourself out of a crucial nutrient? Waking up after a night of full, nourishing sleep and feeling ready to face the day with energy, is an invaluable present that you can give yourself – every night).

# The dangers of sedentary lifestyle, and the importance of physical exercise. (Do you exercise every day? Do you need support to establish this crucial habit?)

# The nature of your daily diet and nutrition. (Does your diet support or undermine you? I can help with guidelines for healthy eating).

# Physical tension versus relaxation. (How high is the tension level in your body? You may not be aware of how relaxation can transform your daily experience of life, and how tension in your body can build up each day and cause real health problems for you, directly; and indirectly via sleep disruption).

# Interpersonal communication skills. (Do you know how to talk to people so that you can have good, positive relationships with them, and still be true to yourself; and how to strongly protect your boundaries, if people push into your personal space?)

If you want to create a new life for yourself, then I can help you. As a life and lifestyle coach, I work with you to release your potential, so you can achieve your chosen goals; improve your lifestyle; and develop the personal strengths you need to help you handle change in your life.

You will learn problem-solving models and techniques, which will help you achieve your goals – slowly, consciously and competently.

As a coach, I will support you as you create a more fulfilling life for yourself; I will show you techniques to manage yourself more effectively; I will help you change those behaviours that don’t work for you; and show you that you have much more control over your life than you had realized.


Where I am based

Profile 1, 2022I am based at 27 Wood End, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HJ, UK. This is where you will find my home/ office and the headquarters of ABC Coaching; plus ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy; and the ABC Bookstore.

To find my location, please search on Google or Bing maps for 27 Wood End, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HJ, or take a look at the detailed directions, here: https://abc-counselling.org/how-to-find-us/

My email contact details: renata@abc-coaching.org

My telephone contact details: Phone me on 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK)

Or on 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK)


Or take a look at the following list of my main coaching specialisms:


ABC Coaching West YorkshireABC Coaching is one of the major divisions of ABC Coaching and Counselling Services (which has been in existence since 1998).  ABC Coaching was established in 2010. This is a specialist lifestyle and life history coaching division. This division is run by Renata Taylor-Byrne; a well-established professional coach with a teaching and counselling background. Telephone: 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK); and 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK). Or email Renata @ ABC Coaching.


ABC Counselliong and PsychotherapyABC Counselling and Psychotherapy is the other major division of ABC Coaching and Counselling Services, 27 Wood End, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HJ, UK. This division was established in 1998, and is run by Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling (University of Manchester, UK: 2003-2009). Telephone: 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK); and 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK). Email Dr Jim @ ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy.


ABC Bookstore for self-help booksABC Bookstore was the third division to be formed, in 2014.  Through this division we research and write books linked to personal development, self-therapy and self-help.

For self help and self-therapy books, please go to https://abc-bookstore.com


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