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ABC Coaching in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 8HJ, UK

For face to face coaching in Hebden Bridge – at 27, HX7 8HJ – or via the telephone system.

For guidance, support and learning about how to resolve your current problems and issues to do with your personal and professional goals in life.


Updated on 19th December 2021

Problem-solving solutions and strategies for you!

renata-taylor-byrne-lifestyle-coachWhen it comes to problem-solving, two heads are better than one!

And one of those heads needs to belong to someone who understands how to pull complex problems apart; to lay out the component parts; and to suggest possible solutions.

I have studied coaching, counselling and personal development strategies for problem-solving for more than forty years. And I’ve coached lots of individuals through the process of solving their most pressing problems.

I can help you to make sense of your current problems, and to produce an action plan to move you forward into a better place!

Renata Taylor-Byrne

Lifestyle Coach

Email: renata@abc-coaching.org

UK phone: 01422 843 629

From abroad: 44 1422 843 629


Coaching is like counselling, except that it tries to avoid going too deeply into the client’s emotions. And the way I approach my coaching work is supported by my background training in counselling, coaching, and therapy; plus teaching and mentoring. Plus stress management. And lifestyle links to physical and mental health.


Motivate yourself:

  • “You’re never a loser until you quit trying.” – Mike Ditka
  • So: “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give up!” Winston Churchill



renata-taylor-byrne-lifestyle-coachMy name is Renata Taylor-Byrne, and I’m a Lifestyle Coach.

Welcome to my website, about my coaching services in Hebden Bridge, and all over the world via the telephone system and via email exchanges.

I can help you if you are struggling with any aspect of your life (listed in the next section), at home or in work situations.


The content of my coaching services

In my work with clients, I mainly tend to focus upon the following subjects:

– Sleep science and sleep coaching (including insomnia relief);

– Stress management;

– Diet, exercise, sleep and relaxation approaches to managing anger, anxiety and depression;

– Progressive muscle relaxation, which is great for resolving problems of anxiety, tension, sleep problems, and much more.

– Building self-confidence, including the strategies for public performance work

– Learning to communicate more assertively

– How to change difficult habits

– And more general problems of daily living.

I only work with adults, preferably over the age of 21 years; and I do not see clients who have been “sent”. You must be a self-motivated seeker after a solution to a problem that you have identified!


ABC Coaching West YorkshireContact details

Please contact me today on: renata@abc-coaching.org

My telephone contact details: Phone me on 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK)

Or on 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK)


How I work with you to achieve valued changes in your life

I use a lifestyle questionnaire to find out how your lifestyle practices (like diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, etc.) are impacting your life; plus your current stresses and pressures.

I also use a number of different problem-solving models to show you a way forward to achieve your goals, or any changes you want to make in your life.

Here’s one example: the Egan Model

– 1. Where are you up to in your life?

– 2. Where are you trying to get to?

– 3. How can we, together, get you to where you want to be? What strategies can we create for you to experiment with?

You and I work together to help you get your valued changes in your life.

(This approach is also called the Skilled Helper model, and it’s a very good way to help you realise both your their assets and skills, and your ‘blind spots’ regarding your current problem(s); and it a powerful way to bring valued changes into your life lives.)


renata-coach-counsellor-june-2021Here is another example – the WDEP model:

– 1. What do you want (from your life; or instead of what you’ve got!)?

– 2. What are you actively doing to get (1) above?

– 3. How is that working for you? Let’s evaluate it.

– 4. Plan: Let’s work together to put together a plan to move you towards item (1) – What you want!


Lifestyle Factors priorities

Alternatively, I might suggest that we structure our meeting on the basis of the top priorities that need to be addressed from your Lifestyle Factors questionnaire answers – (concerning diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, career, habits, etc.)


Or: Your three-part agenda

Or I might suggest we structure our meeting on the basis of the three questions at the end of my Lifestyle Factors questionnaire; which are:

  1. – Your main reason for consulting me is:
  2. – Your main goal for our work together is:


  1. Relevant personal history – either or both from your childhood or later periods of your life; or from your personal or professional experiences.


ABC Coaching West YorkshireContact details

Please contact me today on: renata@abc-coaching.org

My telephone contact details: Phone me on 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK)

Or on 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK)


About me – Renata Taylor-Byrne

I have had forty years of experience of personal and professional development work in teaching, coaching, mentoring and counselling support, and I use this experience to work with you to help you get what you want or to help you bring about valued changes in your life.

I am a registered and accredited Coach, who also uses counselling skills in support of my work with you.

I’ve also written and co-authored books in which I’ve researched the latest valuable findings in the areas of nutrition, sleep, relaxation and stress management in order to make my work with you as relevant, up to date and helpful as possible. (See ABC Bookstore book lists).


Key features of my service

renata-taylor-byrne-lifestyle-coachI help individuals to:

♣ Clarify the changes they want to make in their lives, or the goals they want to achieve;

♣ Explore how they can best achieve those changes or goals – including creating an action plan; and:

♣ Check that their lifestyle habits are supporting them in creating a great life for themselves.

I can help you to explore any areas or parts of your life which may not be working well enough for you.

ABC Bookstore for self-help booksWe could look at any emotional, behavioural or relationship problems which are arising in your life; and link them to your most important well-being protectors, which include: your nutrition; amount of sleep each night, and sleep hygiene; how you manage your tension and stress. Plus the support and security you have in your personal and work relationships; and your level of self-confidence and self-assertion. 

Together we can clarify your personal and professional goal-setting.


Potential benefits from consulting me

You will:

renata-taylor-byrne-lifestyle-coach♣ Learn valuable new ways of looking at problems or issues in your life, and you will have these new models/techniques available for you to use for the rest of your life.

♣ Have a strong, supportive relationship with an experienced coach who works with you, on your desired life changes, strengthens your self-respect and helps you dismantle unhelpful aspects of your “inner critic” (or “self-sabotager”).

♣ Learn useful and highly relevant research findings which will strengthen your understanding of your body and mind, as you work on your chosen goals.


Where I am based

I am based at 27 Wood End, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HJ, UK. This is where you will find my home/ office and the headquarters of ABC Coaching; plus ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy; and the ABC Bookstore.

My email contact details: renata@abc-coaching.org

My telephone contact details: Phone me on 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK)

Or on 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK)


Or take a look at the following list of my main counselling specialisms:


ABC Coaching West YorkshireABC Coaching is one of the major divisions of ABC Coaching and Counselling Services (which has been in existence since 1998).  ABC Coaching was established in 2010. This is a specialist lifestyle and life history coaching division. This division is run by Renata Taylor-Byrne; a well-established professional coach with a teaching and counselling background. Telephone: 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK); and 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK). Or email Renata @ ABC Coaching.


ABC Counselliong and PsychotherapyABC Counselling and Psychotherapy is the other major division of ABC Coaching and Counselling Services, 27 Wood End, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HJ, UK. This division was established in 1998, and is run by Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling (University of Manchester, UK: 2003-2009). Telephone: 01422 843 629 (from inside the UK); and 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK). Email Dr Jim @ ABC Counselling and Psychotherapy.


ABC Bookstore for self-help booksABC Bookstore was the third division to be formed, in 2014.  Through this division we research and write books linked to personal development, self-therapy and self-help.

For self help and self-therapy books, please go to https://abc-bookstore.com


All the material on this website is copyright (c) Renata Taylor-Byrne, 2021.